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University of Massachusetts Amherst
Animal Science
Mark Huyler

AnSci 332 Spring, 2013 Vitamin E (or Tocopherol) Refer to Structure Biological Function Known as the “anti-sterility” vitamin. Prevents resorption of fetuses and testicular degeneration rats. Main role is associated with cell membranes, works with selenium as an antioxidant Stabilizing Cell membrane structure: Functions in conjunction with selenium (via glutathione peroxidase) as part of a multicomponent antioxidant defense system. This system protects the cell against the adverse effects of peroxides and other free radicals (species with an odd number of electrons). Increased PUFA in diet- where free radicals come from (that’s why sat are thought to be good and bad) Role in Aging Exposure to ionizing radiation – free radicals are by product of Membrane maintenance function is of particular importance in the lysosomal membrane. Lysosome (killer), exposes things to high levels of peroxide, so if wall isn’t working, you have issues Absorption and Metabolism Found associated with the lipid fraction of plant seeds (example soybeans, cottonseed, corn, sunflower). Limited amounts found in animal tissue and fruits and vegetables.
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