Histone Dynamics & Histone Modifications

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Biochemistry & Molecular Bio.
David Gross

Feb 19 Notes • Histones are dynamic o DNAwraps & unwraps from histones approximately 4x per second o DNA-binding proteins bind when nucleosome unwrapped for 10-50 milliseconds o DNAunwrapped 2-10% of time (can tell by FRET) • Histones promote DNAwrapping & unwrapping o DNAmore pliable than previously thought • nucleosomes can slide along chromosome o ATP-dependent remodeling complexes assist in this o with histone chaperones they can exchange histone components or even entire core  histone chaperones keep histones soluble until recruited into nucleosomes • measuring histone dynamics o distinguishing a pool of histones o determining how fast this pool exchanges w/ other histones o this is done by marking histones o can use Chip-SEQ against specific tags to determine o specific regions of chromosomes are more dynamic than others • histones can be modified o N-terminus exposed even when in nucleosomes o lysine can be acetylated or mono-, di-, or trimethylated (competing reactions) o serine can be phosphorylated o the N-terminu
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