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Amanda Withey Biology 312 Advertisement Review 1/28/2012 ASlap in the Face It is 2 o'clock in the morning, and you've parked yourself on the couch after restlessly tossing and turning in an attempt to get some shut-eye. You turn on your television and are met with a slew of infomercials,; each marketing the latest innovation in how to do just about anything. While mindlessly navigating the single digits, yYou come across an advertisement for the Slap Chop while mindlessly navigating the single digits. You find yourself drawn in by the overly enthusiastic and quirky pitchman, Vince. He is demonstrating how to use the machine, (a W shaped blade, encased in plastic, that can chop, mince, and dice to the texture of your liking.) To your amazement, as it chops half of an un-peeled onion,. To your amazement, h he is able to pull the intact skin out from under the onion post-chop! He proceedsgoes on to chop radishes, carrots, and celery in order to make a more elaborate tuna salad, and sums summing it all up with his mantra, “Stop having a boring tuna. Stop having a boring life!”. The pitchman presses that this gadget is a culinary time-saver, yet Harry Sawyer of Popular Mechanics magazine begs to differ. He put the Slap Chop to the test and was disappointed when the blade failed to leave the onion skin fully intact (Sawyer 2009). Waiting until your onion is properly peeled to start the chopping seems less of an inconvenience than sifting through as an afterthought for the bits of papery skin. (Confusing sentence, wordy and needs punctuation. Consider revising.) Consumer Reports magazine had a similar experience, finding the device difficult to operate and the resulting chopped veggies, underwhelming. They added that the blade often went out of alignment with the plastic that encases itits plastic casing, and suggesting ed that the consumer stick with a good, old fashioned, knife. (“Slap Chop, Consumer Reports 2010)., a website specialized in analyzing multitudes of credible reviews on a variety of products, s
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