Lecture on January 24th, 2013

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CHEM 101
Julian Tyson

Chemistry 101: Arsenic in your Food Lecture on January 24 , 2013 Chemists switch between the molecular view and the bulk view without a second thought. Cyclohexane is…  A colorless liquid with an odor  Not a flat molecule  C6H6 Note that chemists use the name of the element to mean relevant compounds containing the element. Some of the arsenic in food and drink is carcinogenic in humans. Fish contain the highest concentration of arsenic, but the compounds are not toxic. Rice contains the highest concentration of the toxic compounds. Atom: smallest stable structure having properties of the element. Consists of electrons, protons and neutrons. Element one of the 110 constituents of stable matter above the atomic scale. Molecule: a stable grouping of atoms each of which is connected to a small number (1-6) of other atoms. Ion: an atom of molecules that has gained or lost an electron. Electron: one of the three fundamental particles of chemistry.  Atoms consist of protons, electrons and neutrons. Dense compact nucleus, diffuse electron cloud. Number of protons and number of electrons are equal.  The number of protons is the atomic number Elements are written in order of increasing electronegativity, the ability of an atom to attract electrons. Similar to electron affinity. Periodic properties vary in a systematic way when the elements are arranged in the periodic table. Isotope: form of an atom defined by the neuron number. Most of the elements have more than one stable i
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