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COMM 287
Jennifer Mc Dermott

Comm 287: Advertising as Social Communication September 17 , 2013 Video Clip: “They Live”  glasses that make him see past the ads. He begins seeing words like “OBEY” “NO SLEEP” “WANT YOUR MONEY” How does advertising work? Review: 1. Subliminal 2. False Symbolism – convinces us that the products are never good enough by themselves. For example: the diamond symbolizes love  Advertising does not focus on the goods themselves but on what it means to consume them.  Raymond Williams – culture study writer who wrote the article “The Magic System”  He says (seen in Quote #4): o Us humans are not materialistic enough  for if we were we should find advertising so irrelevant o Rational=utility (what it does) o Instead advertising causes … Irrational =symbolic (what it means) Therefore a defendant of advertising would say that this idea of symbolism is always true, because something always has meaning. It is inherent to our culture Question of power: who gets to define symbolisms? 3. Magic  Goods will do something magical for the consumer  Goods will make us happy  Goods will make promises Quote #5: Raymond Williams: The Magic System 3. What effects does advertising have? 1. The creation of false needs Herbert Marcuse  One-dimensional man: only thinks about consumerism Quo
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