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COMM 287
Jennifer Mc Dermott

Comm 287: Advertising as Social Communication September 16 , 2013 DeBeers strategies “Our goal is to make diamonds all part of a cultural imperative in all parts of a women’s life… diamond as obligatory as engagement ring” Strategy #1: Link diamonds with engagement and love  Through ads  Two month salary guideline  avg $4,000  Diamonds can only be seen without its history o Ugly history- racism, violence and exploitation Strategy #2: Expand to 10 year anniversary Strategy #3: Expand to 25 year anniversary Strategy #4: Expand to men as recipients of diamonds  The man’s diamond Strategy #5: Expand to women as buyers for themselves Results of marketing campaign: Global annual sales 1939= $23 billion 2007= $70 billion Overall impact has been on the culture, where diamonds are central to thinking about the rituals of romantic courtship. Example: Victoria Secret –Diamond bra Levis – “Buttons are forever” The wedding tradition in countries all over the world has been transformed. E.G Japan 1960s - no tradition of diamond engagement rings 1967 - the ad campaign starts 1981 – 60% of brides have diamonds In 13 years, a 150
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