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Jennifer Mc Dermott

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Comm 287: Advertising as Social Communication September 14 , 2013 The Diamond Life Advertising talks to us about subjects that are important, but it does it through the mediums of things.  What it has to sell  Talks about thinks through other ideas that are important to us Advertising is a discourse (story) through and about objects “A diamond is forever” Where did this idea come from?? Before 1870… Diamonds were valued because they were scarce and a rare stone. Around 1870… Huge diamond mines were discovered in South Africa The owners of these mines, fearful of a drop in price for diamonds, formed themselves into a monopoly (cartel) called DEBEERS. DeBeers  Restrict the number of diamonds on the market, keep the supply low so demand is high and keep the prices highs  Maintained tight control in the 20 century (1900s) By 1938, there is a crisis in the diamond business sales are declining (both in amount and carats  declining 50%). There were fewer diamonds being bought as lowest prices. DeBeers needed to change the public attitudes toward diamonds – to make them have value beyond economic. *The Diamond Empire “What was necessary was the creation of a mass mentality in which women would perceive diamonds, not a precious stones that could be bought and sold according to economic conditions or fashion, but as an inseparable part of courtship & married life”
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