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Jennifer Mc Dermott

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Comm 287: Advertising as Social Communication September 12 , 2013 Sample Test Questions to think about: 1. What did Marx Say? 2. What did Guy Debard Say? 3. How were they different? Imagine a world in which Ads were not there: Example:  Vermont, banned commercial billboards on highways  The Greatest Movie Ever Sold o Sau Paolo, Brazil o Outlawed all outdoor advertising o Too much “visual pollution” o 90% positive feedback  people like how they can enjoy the natural views and focus and admire them o Changed the whole structure of business From this we can conclude:  The existence of advertising everywhere. It is not natural; it is a decision.  It is a human action.  Therefore we must have understanding of advertising to understand this culture. How do we do it? To understand the hyper-commercial world we have to make sure that we ask the right questions about the POWER OF ADVERTISING. The WRONG question: Does an advertising campaign increase sales of that particular product or brand? This question would be important to the company such as Budweiser or Mercedes, but not important to social scientists and our perspective. The RIGHT question: How does advertising
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