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University of Massachusetts Amherst
COMM 287
Jennifer Mc Dermott

Comm 287: Advertising as Social Communication September 10 , 2013 Advertising IS modern life. *Our society is organized around the principle to devote all our resources to the production and development of commodities and things* Capitalist society  capital is dominant Quote #1: “The wealth of societies in which the capital mode of production prevails appears as an “immense collection of commodities” (Karl Marx, Capital)  Marx was a democratic socialist, economist who wrote at dawn of capitalism  Major contribution: was an analyst of capitalism and understanding this society (How it was different?)  1 lines of ‘Capital’ (1850-1860)  The difference is QUANTITATIVE – the number of things that can be produced and are available (the amount that was able to be produced  revolutionary  No other society in history has been able to match the immense production output of industrial capitalism Capitalism based on Quote #1: This is seen in everyday life, objects are everywhere! Capitalism is a truly revolutionary society Society in constant transformation  growth!  always need more! “All that is solid melts into air” – communist Marx though capitalism was a manifesto step toward democracy Once the “immense collection of commodities” have been produced they also have to b
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