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University of Massachusetts Amherst
COMM 287
Jennifer Mc Dermott

Comm 287: Advertising as Social Communication September 8 , 2013 Why Study Advertising? National advertising that flood the culture Advertising would  normal + social physical arrangements that don’t hold anymore Example: shampoo brings intense sexual pleasure Spells are casted by “love potion” (perfumes) Statues come alive, goods come alive Cars take on characteristics of sharks Beer commercials  fun & sexuality Material objects instant access to the world of desire and love The goal of this class is to figure out the world of advertising: o How it works o Affects on society o Affects on us Advertising is the CENTRAL thing in culture to understand. If you don’t have a way of understanding the world of marketing and advertising, then you cannot understand the culture and society, because these messages are the fabric of our lives. Images and stories about intense pleasure  creates pleasure… without please, there is no desire Main question for the course: How do we understand and get some analytical distance fro subject matter that is so familiar and so much fun? (This world of advertising). Advertising is EVERYWHERE. It is the world we live in. For this course, we need to stop being consumers and start being scholars. Advertising is about objects & stuff  materialistic world -People are obsessed with stuff! Hold a high importance and value in our lives. -Comedian clip: “house is a place to put all of you stuff” How do we understand the world of stuff? Life is just a story about stuff. Advertising has COLONIZED and INVADED public space  taken over, in-control This is a PROCESS. Advertising has become the most prominent voice in our society:  Media systems o
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