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COMM 287
Sut Jhally

FLOW 1. What is the world running out of? Fresh water 2. What does the use of pesticides in agriculture lead to? Contaminated water that can make you sick/kill you 3. In laboratory tests what isAtrazine linked with? Low sperm count, and prostate/breast/ovarian cancer 4. Where isAtrazine legal and where is it banned? Banned in the entire European Union (EU), legal in the US. Bolivia: 5. In La Paz, Bolivia, what was diverted into the river? Blood and raw sewage 6. What are poor countries being forced to do to their water systems? Hand over basic control of their water systems to for-profit companies in Europe 7. According to Julian Perez, what was the result of water privatization in the city of ElAlto? Many people (208,000) have been excluded from potable water service. 8. According to Jim Schultz, what are most of the childhood deaths in Bolivia linked to? Illnesses from a lack of clean drinking water 9. Why did violence erupt in Cochabamba after 1999? The Bolivian government privatized the water systems 10. Who forced water privatization on Bolivia? The World Bank 11.According to Oscar Olivera, what is at stake in the water wars? Life vs. death 12. What did the Bolivian government do in 2007? They ended Suez’contract and returned the water systems to the people of La Paz KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa 13. Why are people drinking and using unclean water from the river in SouthAfrica? Because water is so important and they can’t afford clean water. 14. How do poor people in South Africa get tap water? Line up for hours on end at a community faucet and hope the water turns on 15. How do poor people in SouthAfrica pay for tap water? Pay up front at the pump with a token/card 16. What did people in Chatsworth do in reaction to electricity and water cut-off? Illegally reconnect the water and lights themselves 17. What does Jean-Luc Touly say about the progressive language the water companies use? It’s scandalous. 18. What does Maude Barlow say is just commonsense? You can’t deliver the same amount of good quality water/healthcare etc. to a population that needs it if you’re also providing profit for your investors. 19. What did Ashok Gadgil come up to provide safe drinking water in Bomminampadu, India? An affordable way to combine water with UV light to kill pathogens 20. Where has most of the past aid investment in water safety gone in India? Providing clean water only to the politically and economically powerful people United States 21. What days are ending? Most people taking water for granted, just turning on the faucet and expecting it to be there. 22. According to Erik Olson how many people at the FDAare responsible for regulating bottled water? Less than one person 23. How much does the UN estimate it would cost to provide safe cleaning drinking water to the entire planet? An additional $30 billion a year 24. How much is spent on bottled water every year? Last year we spent $90 billion 25. What is the World Water Council (WWC)? To promote the corporate takeover of water 26. According to Jim Schultz, what does debt become for poor countries? The noose around their neck 27. According to Maude Barlow what did the WWC understand about water? Water is
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