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COMM 287
Sut Jhally

FILM:An Inconvenient Truth 1. What quote from Mark Twain does Gore use to illustrate his point that conventional wisdom can get us into trouble? What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know, it’s what we know for sure that just aint so 2. What is one of the most vulnerable parts of the planet? atmosphere 3. What did Roger Revelle’s research show? CO2 levels continue to rise every year 4. Regarding Mt. Kilimanjaro, what does Gore say will disappear within a decade? No more snows of KIlimanjaro 5. What is the particular problem in relation to glaciers in the Himalayas? Shortage of water due to the loss of glaciers in Himalayas 6. When Gore goes toAntarctica and looks at core samples in the ice, what specific event does one scientist identify in the ice? Congress passed the U.S. CleanAirAct 7. In 650,000 years what have CO2 levels never risen above? 300 parts per million 8. Where will CO2 levels go to in the future? Much above 300 parts per million 9. In which period have the 10 hottest years of atmospheric temperature been recorded? 1990-2005 10. What happens when the oceans get warmer? Stronger storms 11. What was responsible for making Hurricane Katrina even more severe once it left Florida? The increase in water temperature 12. Why does Gore quote Winston Churchill on the threat of fascism in the 1930s? Because nobody listened to Churchill on his warnings and the same happened with global warning, so just as in the 1930s, there will be consequences for ignoring the warning 13.What is the relationship of global warming to precipitation? With global warming, precipitation goes up 14. What has happened to Lake Chad inAfrica? Dried up to almost nothing 15. What is the first of the canaries in the coalmine? Arctic 16. What has happened to the tundra inAlaska over the last 35 years? The days that you can drive on it dropped by 150 years 17. Why does the melting of the Artic ice cap increase global warming The arctic ice cap asks like a mirror and bounces sun rays out, now there’s more of a build up because of the lack of ice caps 18. What is happening to polar bears as a result of the ice melting? They are drowning because they can’t find ice 19. What impact will the melting of the Greenland ice have on ocean currents and why is it important? It’ll bring fresh water from the ice into the ocean current and could stop the current from circulating and the warm currents won’t be able to mix with the cold currents. It could cause another ice age if they don’t circulate 20. How does global warming affect the feeding of migratory birds in the Netherlands? They are trying to hatch earlier to keep up with the caterpillars, but they can’t so they are starving 21. What is the second canary in the coalmine? Antarctica 22. What happens if the WestAntarctic land ice melts? Sea level worldwide would rise 20 feet 23. What would happen to the maps of the world if Greenland broke up and melted? We’d have to re-draw the map, the rising sea levels would immerse land masses 24. According to Gore what collision are we witnessing at the present time? The civilization and the e
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