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COMM 287
Sut Jhally

Film: The End of the Line: 1. What changed Charles Clover’s view of the oceans? A presentation at The Hague, about the effects of trawling. 2. What view of the oceans has changed as a result of what we have done? That the ocean and its resources are renewable. We now see they aren’t renewable 3. What did John Crosby, Fisheries Minister Canada, do in 1992? There was a moratorium on fishing for cod until spring 1994. 4. According to Professor Jeffrey Hutchings, why did Europeans migrate to Canada? To fish for cod. 5. According to Hutchings, what is loss of cod akin to for Newfoundland The loss of their soul. 6. How did Prof. Daniel Pauly explain the discrepancy between the declines in local catches almost everywhere, and the increases in the global catch? Chinese government was just making up their numbers for the communist government. 7. Why is fishing one of the biggest problems in the world? We don’t have much time left to fix the problems we’ve made 8. What did the research show on what is happening to fishing stocks species- wide? They’ve declined by 80­90% 9. How big is the mouth of the largest trawler? Big enough to accommodate 13 747 Jets 10.According to Callum Roberts, what does the amount of fishing power that we have at our disposal far outweigh? Our ability to control ourselves 11.The impact of which technology has resulted in one of the largest scale transformations of the planetary environments? Impact of bottom trawlers 12.The depletion of which fish signals the most immediate crisis? Bluefin Tuna 13.What kind of decision was the European Union setting the quota for Bluefin tuna at twice the recommended level? Political quota, negotiating with biology 14.What would have happened to fisheries ministers if they had been engineers? They would have been fired a long time ago 15.How much did the Mediterranean Bluefin industry actually catch? 61,000 tonnes 16.What else does the fishing industry in the Mediterranean do that is illegal? Use planes to spot the tuna shoals 17.How much is unregulated fishing worth? Up to $25 billion a year 18.Why is Mitsubishi sending out extra trawlers? Theyre building frozen reserves of tuna, so when the oceans run out they have frozen stocks 19.What conclusion does Roberto Mielgo come to about the fishing industry? They want to fish until the last Bluefin tuna, and then move onto different species 20.What does Adama Mbergaul think has betrayed him? The sea 21.Why don’t local fisherman stand a chance? They are competing against the largest trawlers
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