COMPSCI 230 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Gnu Debugger, In C

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J"v" is OO L"ngu"ge. C is procedur"l.5
J"v" is "n interpreted l"ngu"ge. C is " compiled l"ngu"ge.5
J"v" -> Byte Code -> its interpreted by JVM. C is compiled then executed by the
underlining processor.5
J"v" is high level. C is low level.5
D"t" types in C "re dependent on the m"chine you "re running.5
J"v" doesnʼt let you "ccess memory directly. In j"v" we h"ve references to
objects directly.5
C "llows you to "ccess memory directly, these references "re c"lled pointers
J"v" h"s "utom"tic g"rb"ge collection. C provides m"nu"l memory m"n"gement.
You need to get rid of pointers you do not need "nd rele"se it b"ck to the OS
C is " good l"ngu"ge to explore how the system works under-the-hood.5
GNU compiler collection - gcc gdb em"cs5
#define LETTERCOUNT 26
#define Letter ‘"ʼ555 555 555 555 555 55 5 //the preprocessor processes these. They "re not
v"ri"bles 5
Ch"r foo = Letter;
Int "lph"bet_length = LETTERCOUNT;
Multi line
// single line comments5
C doesnʼt h"ve " boole"n d"t" type.5
0 me"ns f"lse, everything else is true
Arr"ys -> int d"ys[7];
Or int d"ys[] = {0,1,2,3}
C does not h"ve " type for strings. Inste"d we use ch"r "rr"y.5
In j"v" we h"ve cl"sses. In C we h"ve functions.5
In C we h"ve function definitions
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