EDUC 461 Lecture 2: lecture 2

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8 Feb 2017

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Assessment vs. evaluation
o Assessment is formative: it is ongoing and provides immediate
feedback to improve teaching and learning
o Evaluation is summative: it is final, generally administered at the end
and used to judge quality
Classroom assessment
o Purpose is to collect meaningful info about what students know and
o Types of information collected
Students’ reading levels
Students’ progress in reading and writing
Students’ strengths and weaknesses
Teachers gather this information using a variety of formal and
informal assessment tools and strategies
Determining students’ reading levels
o Students are more likely to be successful when they are reading books
that aren’t too easy or too difficult
o Teachers use assessments to match students with books at
appropriate levels
o Three reading levels researchers have identified as being important
Reading levels: implications for instruction
o Independent: student reading comfortably on their own for pleasure.
Accuracy rate: 95 100%
o Instructional: student can read and understand, with support.
Accuracy rate 90-94%. Target level for GUIDED reading and other
teacher-supported reading activities.
o Frustrational: Accuracy rate less than 94. Students should not read at
this level.
Determining reading levels
o Readability formulas: used to determine text difficulty and the ease
with which texts can be read
Fry readability graph
Level books
The lexile framework
Monitoring students’ progress
o Observations
o Anecdotal notes
o Conferences
o Checklists
o Rubrics
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