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Legal Studies

Jodi Lynne RobertsProfessor Aarons 10172013Law and Public PolicyExam in 2 weeks review next week Subject matter is primarily on what we are learning now not previously Using quizzes as checkpoints1992 Reconsideration of Roe v WadeCasey case is the precedent reasoning in Roe v Wade Issues surrounding abortion for the past 200 yearsHealth Morality Honorable and dishonorable concernsEugenics argumentdishonorableAttitudinal changes in societyTrying to funnel all these different attributes of the argument into a decisionJustice Blackmonsecond paragraph of his majority opinionControl over womens sexuality and decisions concerning their bodiesCulture warsTexas abortion statute prohibits all abortions unless the pregnancy significantly threatens the life and wellbeing of the motherStrict scrutiny of fundamental rightsDr seeking protection from the law because he has been performing abortions illegallyHow closely the state can scrutinize a state law to say it violates a constitutional lawStrict Scrutiny Classification looking for rational basis for the state law What are the states interests being advanced in infringing on this right of the nature of that lawPage 6 quote from 1992 Casey v planned parenthood follow up Roe v WadeIts not all about sex it about the environment of personal relationshipsAutonomy of personal decisions matters involving personal intimate choices and their social opinion of those choicesAncient attitudes Hippocratic oathdeclared irrelevant by Justice Blackmon
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