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Corey Reed Music 150 Arts Genealogy As a child I did not have an avid interest in the arts. It is not that I was not exposed to art. My father is self-taught on the acoustic guitar and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to him play and often sat and listened to him. I also played the piano for around three years from the age of ten to thirteen, and the trumpet for two years from eleven to thirteen, but these endeavors did not last. The pressure of sports and school caused me to drop both of my musical interests for lack of time, and I never resumed my training. As for the visual arts I was not exposed to this art form nearly at all during my early childhood. During my elementary schooling I partook in the mandatory basic art classes and passed, but had no interest in learning beyond this point. However, during my high school career I took two separate trips to Europe on tours with my school. During these trips we toured the countries of Spain, France, and Italy viewing many art galleries and sculptures along the way. One of my more memorable moments on these trips was viewing the Mona Lisa in person. If I were to state my expectations of this legendary painting, I was prepared to be blown away at its magnificence. I had seen this painting many times on the internet and in school and was excited to see it in person. However I feel it is safe to say that this paining fell short of my expectations. Perhaps it was the throng of tourists crowding the area all pushing to view this spectacle, or the lack of size to the painting, but I was not overly impressed. I got a close-up view of the Mona Lisa and was unable to see what makes this painting one of the most notable paintings that I could think of. Ever since this point I have had a skeptical standpoint when viewing art. In my opinion many of the modern paintings lack the detail of this painting that I was not overly impressed with, and therefore I fail to be impressed by many paintings. From those trips on I did not have any interaction wi
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