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University of Massachusetts Amherst
David Gross

Corey Reed Music 150 Response toAnselAdams’s Photography Viewing AnselAdams’s three photographs truly struck a note in my soul. I love the outdoors and nature, and the beautiful way in which he captures the serene bliss of the landscape is stunning. Because of this I decided to center my three photographs around a natural object as well. One of the elements ofAdams’s photographs that I decided to center my photographs around was distance from the subject. InAdams’s photographs my attention was immediately drawn to the mountain range in each. From one photograph to the next the distance to the subject changed, one was taken a long distance from the mountains, another was close, and the third was somewhere in the middle. When I captured the tree in my photographs I attempted to recreate the subject distances. One of my pictures was from afar, the next was closer, and the final photo was close up. By changing the distance from the subject the perspective changes and allows the viewer to inspect elements of the subject in a different light. The second element ofAdams’s photographs which I chose to capture in my own was the point of view and the angle at which I captured my images. InAdams’s photographs the angle at which the subject is viewed changes from direct on, to looking upwards at the subject, and finally looking at a downward angle at the base of the mountain. With my photos I attempted the same technique, capturing the tree from above, using my
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