Bamidele Dancers & Drummers

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University of Massachusetts Amherst
David Gross

Corey Reed Music 150 Bamidele DancersAnd Drummers The Bamidele Dancers and Drummers in-class performance was a very unique creation in itself. As for the required performances that I had attended throughout the semester, there was little in correlation with any of them because this performance was geared at teaching, making it more related to other in-class performances. One similar performance of this type was the jazz lecture lead by Tom Giampietro where the UMass jazz band performed. In this lecture he would explain a topic and then have the ensemble demonstrate with a live performance. It was in a similar procession that this performance proceeded. For example, the instructor described the dance for welcoming people into hospitality called Lamba. She explained that the opening of the arms and extension outwards signified welcoming, and demonstrated, encouraging the class to move along with her. The only similarity that I could find between this performance and any of the required performances was withAbraham in Motion performed by the KyleAbraham Dance Company. Both of these performances used a more modern style of dance which belies organic movements of the dancers. The asymmetrical shapes formed by the performing bodies in each case are more natural than that found in a ballet for example. Using techniques and terms learned throughout the semester during various lectures I was better able to interpret the performance. For example, several musical terms can be used to describe what was happenin
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