Kyle Abraham Dance Company Report

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University of Massachusetts Amherst
David Gross

Corey Reed Music 150 KyleAbraham Dance Company One regret of mine was that I had never attended a dance performance in my life. The opportunities have presented themselves to me in the past, and unfortunately I had no interest in attending. My first experience with concert dance occurred on the night of October twenty- second in the Concert Hall of the FineArts Center. The KyleAbraham Dance Company was performingAbraham in Motion. I knew nothing about the performance and did not exactly know what to expect, so I was somewhat excited. What I found is that the performance was about the helplessness and despair of oppressed peoples and their constant struggle to rise above what is holding them down. For a stretch during the performance there were three men on stage interacting with each other. Two of the men were dancing somewhat strangely, with rapid movements and much energy, as if they were trying their hardest to do something. The third man was walking up behind them each in turn, looking at them as if to convey empathy, and then handcuffing them and laying them on the ground. The body language of the arrested men as they went from working hard, doing something with themselves, to limp carcasses in their captor’s hands. To me it seemed that no matter how hard these individuals tried to raise themselves up and start again, the always ended up handcuffed on the ground limp and crushed. This same feeling of hopelessness is conveyed in other scenes as well. One of the men being arrested remained on the ground for an extremely long period of time during the performance. During this time, another performer came out, wearing normal street clothes, and began eating chips next to this man lying on the ground. He was eating the chips as if he were portraying a somewhat young child, shoveling them into his mouth and dropping crumbs everywhere. He sat right next to this man who had been arrested, possibly injured, and did not give him a second glance. Th
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