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David Gross

Corey Reed Music 150 Word Becomes Flesh As a Music 150 student I was required to attend the performance Word Becomes Flesh held on Thursday, October tenth. Written and directed by Marc Bamuthi Joseph, the play is a physical representation of the complex feelings and emotions felt by a young black male during the nine months of an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy. The venue was BowkerAuditorium, a medium sized venue with a proscenium stage that was completely filled for the show. Prior to the beginning of the show we in the crowd were instructed to cheer for the performers when they did something we liked, which set the energy level on high before the performers even made an appearance. Once the performers were on stage it was easy to see that they fed off of this energy and gave it back tenfold in their effort.As for stage design, from where I was sitting on the far right there did not appear to be any props. However, I had seen upon walking in that there was a DJ’s table set up in the back right corner, this being the lone feature on stage. Prior to attending the performance Word Becomes Flesh, I had guarded expectations about what I should expect to see. Of the performances I have seen in my past, few have held my attention or interested me in the least, and I was not optimistic that this one would be any better. If I am to be honest I was expecting an hour long bashing of society, especially the white male figure, in the oppression of young black males. I imagined I would be watching a dark and dreary reenactment of a man’s struggle to get by in a predominantly white society, and raise a child on top of it all. However what I saw on stage differed from what I imagined immensely. It is safe to say that I was pleasantly amazed at what I saw on stage that night. The power and emotion that the performers put forth had me connecting with them in ways that I did not think possible through a show. One example would be when one member of the group is describing the feelings of the young single male during the summer time. He is singled out on stage in the spotlight, a dark stage surrounding him, soft jazz playing in the background setting a tone of suave intellect to these man’s words. Immediately most males, including mys
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