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University of Massachusetts Amherst
Natural Resources Conservation
NRC 225
Paul K.Barten

3/1/13 ---THE SHAKERS---------- ---Gift Drawings - highly stylized representations of trees from "visions" - "Gift from Mother Ann" - tied to scripture and life on the land -- Shaking Quakers---- Shaking/crazing dancing - United society of believer's in christ's second coming -- Christ second coming was the daughter of a blacksmith....Mother Ann - arrived in America in 1787 - Communitarian Group - Agrarian - Pacifist - Holistic in food/health - Learned willingly from native tribes - Lived in seclusion almost from the moment of immigration - at peak there were 24 communities - Mother Ann Lee - each community had a man/woman governing pair - elders negotiated interaction with the world - Meticulous, durable construction - forest conservation - would live in community houses of 120 people or so with sexes separated - Adopted orphan children willingly - were allowed to leave/stay when they came of age - Agriculture - pioneered many innovations that are coveted by organic farmers -crop rotation - diversity - whole foods - Traditional Ecological Knowledge - Direct Marketing -Sold seeds and knowledge of planting - Very similar to native tribes in the perseverance of knowledge - Shaker Round Barn
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