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Natural Resources Conservation
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Todd Fuller

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Grasslands and Wildlife NRC 261 25 March 2014 How widespread (and where) are grasslands on the land surface of the earth? Grasslands cover large percent of the U.S What determines where grasslands occur? Low precipitation Tropical-savanna/Kenya Temperate-Prairie/ USA Temperate-Steppe/ Soviet Union Why are the great migrations of ungulates often associated with grasslands? Serengeti plains-east Africa Animals migratory because of seasonal changes Zebras and gazelle How does fire affect grassland ecology? Keeps grassland a fire Ecological factor that has greatest impact 1. growing points at or below ground level 2. regrow rapidly 3. fire removes little growth it changes plant composition it may kill wildlife directly(burned up) and indirectly(leave and die) increase nutrient content -people purposely burn it to get nutrients from regrowth and rain How do wildlife species (i.e., the examples given) interact with grasslands? Birds- display in grassland (open areas) -more food because of increase nutrients rangeland grazers- deer, prairie dogs, pronghorns all have increased food availability Interactions –great Plaines Bison-prairie dogs- black-footed ferrets Black footed ferrets eat prairie dogs and bison make vegetation shorter that the prairie dogs like Interaction-Serengeti Zebras-volume eaters  Lots of volume
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