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University of Massachusetts Amherst
Natural Resources Conservation
NRC 310
Dr.Dennis Ryan

-------------------------------- Laws ---------------------------------------------------------------- -Federal Laws -Federal Pesticide Control Act -Every State must have a pesticide licensing act -DDT had low LD50 -Cannot apply pesticide on the land of another w/o license -Commercial License (CDL) -Wetland Protection Act -no activity within so many feet of protected water - once abandoned cannot plow back -not only fines but must restore land -Vista pruning -Urban Forestry Act of 1972 -allowed US forest service to work in municipalities - every year the urban forestry money in the Farm Bill -$50 million for urban forestry -training, salaries, usually ear-marked for certain endeavors etc... -Every state has to have an Urban Forestry Council -OSHA -CalOSHA, NCosha -Technically state and federal workers do not have to follow OSHA, but do ---Liability -Mass is federal OSHA state -no regulations for Arborists -Ansi A300, Z133 is OSHA --------------- LAWS HANDOUT--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Chapter 10.65 -more than 10k people tree warden has to be qualified tech note #29 -What is qualified -Conn has tree warden license - What is a public shade tree.... - Post to remove a tree.... - Brush less than 1.5 in can be removed w/o hearing - trying to change to 4" - flat cutting - causes trees to water sprout; more dense - stumps should be treated w/herbicide - Cities and towns can plant public trees on private property with
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