Lecture on Cohen and Cartesian Soul

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PHIL 160
Christopher Meacham

October 29, 2013 Lecture Notes - Cohen Is it wrong to farm: Dogs SRHAs Difference? Sumner Yes Yes No Marquis Maybe Maybe No Tooley Maybe Maybe No Utilitarian (Singer) Yes Yes No Contractualism (Rawls) No No No Cohen ≈ It is inherently bad to harm/kill something if and only if it belongs to a kind whose typical member is rational.  Kill dog? (Kind = dog)  Okay to kill  Kill SRHA? (Kind = human)  Not okay to kill Worry 1. What are the right “kinds”? EX: Kill you? (Kind: mammal)  Okay EX: Kill baby? (Kind: human baby)  Okay Worry 2. Doesn’t seem like what’s “typical of a kind” is morally relevant EX: Fido the Genius Dog – Kill Fido? (Kind: dog)  Okay EX: Pluto People Pasture – Kill you? (Kind: human)  Okay It’s inherently bad to harm/kill something if and only if it has a soul. I. Cartes
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