Schafer-Landau Against Moral Skepticism

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PHIL 164
Heidi Buetow

Schafer-Landau Against Moral Skepticism  Really pushed for objectivism because over time objectivism was losing popularity  There are some things that just about everyone thinks are seriously morally wrong  Desiderata: a list of requirements a theory has to meet in order to be a good theory  We want a theory that: o Allows for tolerance o Allows for moral progress o Allows everyone the freedom to discover morality for themselves, but also allows for the possibility that people can sometimes be mistaken in their moral views o Not impractical  You want your own beliefs to be consisten  Moral error: the view that people can sometimes can be mistaken about what they believe is morally permissible or impermissible Can the fundamental moral beliefs of a person or society be mistaken? Subjectivism: no! Relativism: yes! Moral relativism: no! (for societies) ac society or culture is infallible with respect for their fundamental moral beliefs Yes! (individuals) can be mistaken about their fundamental moral beliefs, but only if they disagree with the beliefs of the cultural majority Error theory (one kind of nihilism): yes! Every moral belief is mistaken because there are no moral beiiefs ever correct Non cogmatism: trick question! Objectivism: yes! Individuals can be mistaken about their moral beliefs just like individuals an be mistaken about their mathematical or scientific beliefs There a objective morals truths that make it possible for some moral beliefs to be false Moral progress: sometimes individuals or societies exchange morally worse views for morally better ones Is it possible for individuals or societies to exchange morally false views for beliefs that are closer to being morally true? Subjectivism: if subjectivism is true then moral progress is not possible since individuals create the moral standa
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