Lecture on September 5th: Brain and Behavior, Cells of the Nervous System and Neuron Shape

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Psychology & Brain Sciences
Lori Astheimer Best

Behavioral Neuroscience, Lecture on September 5th Most common form of brain scanning is fMRI.  Measures blood flow in the brain. Why use animal models?  Human safety  More expensive  See similarities between species  Simpler Brain and behavior, Brain states produce observable behaviors.  and behaviors can alter brain states. Goal of behavioral neuroscience is to understand this relationship. Three primary approaches,  somatic interventions - manipulate something directly and watching what behaviors are affected. o administer a hormone -- strength of mating behavior. o stimulate brain region electrically -- movement toward goal object. o cut connections between parts of nervous system -- recognition of stimulus. o example: giving someone lots of caffeine and measure hyperactivity.  behavioral interventions - experience affects the body (including the brain). o put male in presence of female – changes in hormone level. o present a visual stimulus -- changes in electrical activity of brain. o give training -- anatomical changes in nerve cells. o example: put someone in front of the Internet for an extended period of time. / have people do homework in the classes they like and classes they do not like. / force people to exercise and see how focus is measured.  body and behavioral measures covary. o correlation between brain size (somatic) and learning scores (behavioral). o correlation between hormone levels (somatic) and strength of mating behavior (behav
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