Lecture on September 12th: Introduction to Neuroanatomy

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Psychology & Brain Sciences
Lori Astheimer Best

Behavioral Neuroscience, Lecture on September 12th Introduction to Neuroanatomy, Peri - around Para - near, along Group of neuron cell bodies, In central nervous system, "nucleus." In peripheral nervous system, "ganglion." Frontal - transverse - coronal (all synonymous) Give the opposite direction, Rostral - caudal Superior - inferior Dorsal - ventral Anterior - posterior Medial - lateral Peripheral nervous system,  spinal nerves  cranial nerves Dorsal and ventral roots, Dorsal roots - afferent sensory unipolar neurons.  bring information towards the central nervous system. *Afferent means "at" the central nervous system. Ventral roots - efferent motor multipolar neurons.  bring information away from the central nervous system. *Efferent means "exiting" the central nervous system. Spinal nerves, 8 cervical pairs in the neck 12 thoracic pairs in the mid-back 5 lumbar pairs in the lower back 5 sacral pairs in the lower back 1 coccygeal pair Sections of the spinal cord, Cervical controls the neck, chest, arms and hands. Thoracic controls the chest and back. Lumbar controls muscles and skin in the front of the legs. Sacral controls the back of the legs and down through the feet. *Dermatomes are an area of the skin served by a particular spinal nerve. Cranial nerves, *12 in total* Olfactory (smell) look these up!! Optic (visual) Oculomotor Trochlear
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