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Psychology & Brain Sciences
Lori Astheimer Best

Lecture 4 In Class Notes • •neural tube defects: spinal biffida spinal tube doesn't form properly and people can •neural tube is a long fluid filled balloon at 25 days •at 50 days, diencephalon is the thalamus and hypothalamus •hind brain divides into cerebellum pons and medulla •forebrain: telencephalon and diencephalon •midbrain: mesencephalon •hindbrain: metencephalon and myelencephalon •mid brain and hind brain together are the brain stem •bottom most structure is the myelincephalon which is also known as the medulla •the medulla is the top of the spinal cord starts to bulge out slightly (medulla controls heart rate and breathing and maintain muscle tone) •reticular formation begins at the myelincephalon (control sleep/wake cycles, arousal in general) •pons- connects to cerebellum and wraps its self around the brain stem, allows communication •between cerebellum and four brain regions •cerebellum- "ridge"is a relay from the cerebellum to the telencephalon; this is a sort of separate •region in the brain, important in motor learning (instrument), important in complex learning, cells that are found: specialized multi polar neurons pakingy cells (have dendritic harbors) •mesencephalon: "the midbrain", top of the brain stem •mid brain has sensory and motor divisions, so it receives visual and auditory information through the cranial nerves; important for motor control. •SKIP DOPAMINE PATHWAYS •human diencephalon- two major structures are thalamus and hypothalamus •thalamus: "relay station" serves as a sensory relay; receives sensory info (from ears, eyes, etc) gets sent to thalamus and then distributed to where it needs to go •hypothalamus: below the thalamus; functions: hormone release, hunger
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