Eating And Behavior

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University of Massachusetts Amherst
Psychology & Brain Sciences
Heather Richardson

April 15 • Motivated Behavior o regulatory – behavior that’s going to help keep you alive and survive o non-regulatory – behaviors falling outside of regulated • Generation of motivated behaviors o hypothalamus (below the thalamus) involved in generation o pituitary gland involved in regulation of hormones to the body (behavior) • Stimulating hypothalamus o triggers goal-directed (motivated) behaviors o using a wire to stimulate the hypothalamus causes these behaviors (in a mouse), such as digging, however stopping stimulation causes the behavior to cease o depends on where in the hypothalamus • motivated behavior (regulatory) o required for basic needs o controlled by homeostatic mechanisms, which involve the hypothalamus o ex.  temperature regulation  eating & drinking  salt consumption  waste elimination • neuroanatomy of motivated behavior (simplified) o hormones – maintaining homeostasis  regulation of internal environment to maintain stable, constant condition  control reproductive function & behaviors  respond to challenge (stress) o classifying hormones by structure  steroid • synthesized from cholesterol, fat-soluble  peptide • DNA– protein • hormones, four levels o sensory stimuli activate hypothalamus, sends hormones to pituitary gland, releases secondary hormones that effect a target endocrine gland, releases endocrine hormones that affect target organs & tissue • motivated behavior (non-regulatory) o not required for basic needs o not controlled by homeostatic mechanism o involves frontal cortex & limbic system, then on to the hypothalamus o strongly influenced by external stimuli o ex  sexual behavior, parental behavior, aggression, good preference, curiosity,
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