Lecture on February 27th: Language

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Psychology & Brain Sciences
Lori Astheimer Best

Developmental Psychology, Lecture on February 27 th Language Six elements of language: 1) phonology - fundamental sound units and combinations of units in a given language. 2) semantics - meaning of words or combination of words. 3) grammar - rule pertaining to the structure of language. 4) syntax - grammatical rule that dictate how words can be combined. 5) morphology - rules for how to combine the smallest units of language to form words. Morphemes that change; -s -ed -ing NOTE: children can detect and readily use these rules to create meaningful utterances with little guidance. 6) pragmatics - rules for using language effectively within a social context. Brain structures and language: Brock's area is the portion of the cerebral cortex that controls expressive language.  located in the left frontal region.  expressive aphasia, loss of the ability to speak fluently. Wernicke's area is the portion of the cerebral cortex that controls language comprehension.  located in the left temporal region.  receptive aphasia, loss of the ability to comprehend speech. Theories of language development: Linguistic theory (Noam Chomsky)
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