Lecture on March 8th: Social Cognition

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Psychology & Brain Sciences
Lori Astheimer Best

Developmental Psychology, Lecture on March 8th Social Cognition Representation insight, the child's ability to understand that a symbol or model can stand for a real-life event. Perspective taking: Level one,  between birth through three years of age.  children come to realize that their own and another's view are not identical. Level two,  reinforcement in the skill throughout childhood, children can determine specific limitations of another's view o (example, whether a picture someone else will see will look upside down or right side up). Theory of mind (TOM): Awareness of the concept of mental states, both one's own and those of others. Realism, the inability to distinguish between mental and physical entities.  know that dreams and mental images are not the same as the real thing. Developmental progression in related skills,  eighteen months: follow gaze in episodes of joint attention to share their mental states.  three to five years: learn to understand a range of mental states, desire, belief and false belief. *pivotal age*  six to ten years: kids can understand and use metaphors like, "my mind was racing."  10+: kids understand that some mental states are more difficult to control than other "wanting" or "fearing." Understanding psychological states: False belief, the child's mistaken understanding that a naïve or uninformed observer has the same information (and thus the same beliefs) as the child. Referential communication, Communication in situations that require the child to develop an object to a listener or evaluate the effectiveness of a message. Cogniti
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