Lecture on March 13th

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University of Massachusetts Amherst
Psychology & Brain Sciences
Lori Astheimer Best

Developmental psychology, Lecture on March 13th What does IQ predict? Job status,  may be an indirect effect, IQ-years / school- job. School success,  verbal fluency, ability to solve math problems and rote memory emphasized on the IQ test and in school. *Everything else is up for debate... Test bias: The content of traditional tests is unfamiliar to children from some social or cultural backgrounds.  Strong issues of test bias when considering if there are group differences in IQ.  Example: who discovered America? The more culturally fair (unbiased) tests are the less likely that group differences would emerge. Flynn effect: (Intelligence test performance has been rising). James Flynn found that IQ was rising at an average rate of about three IQ points per decade.  as a result, new norms continue to be used to rescale IQ tests to '100'  the evidence for a rise in IQ comes from, o adoption studies. o nutrition studies. o educational intervention studies. Possible factors impacting IQ: No single factor seems to have a large influence on IQ, it's a combination of varying factors. Cyclical question; the higher your IQ is, the more years of schooling you are have likely to
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