Lecture on April 12th: Gender

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Psychology & Brain Sciences
Lori Astheimer Best

Developmental Psychology, Lecture on April 12 , 2013 Gender Socialization, process by which children acquire the social knowledge, skills, and attitudes valued by the larger society. Systems theory, model for understanding the family that emphasizes the reciprocal interactions among various member. Parents and socialization: Styles of parenting, Authoritarian, parent who relies on coercive techniques to discipline the child and displays a low level or nurturance.  High on control/demanding & rejecting, parent centered.  Child characteristics: Withdrawn, discontented, distrustful of others. Permissive, parent who sets few limits on the child’s behavior  Low on control/undemanding & responsive, child centered.  Child characteristics: lacking in self-reliance and self-control. Authoritative, parent who sets limits on a child’s behavior using reasoning and explanation and displays a high degree of nurturance.  High on control/demanding & responsive, child centered.  Child characteristics: independent, socially responsible, self-reliant, self- controlled explorative. Uninvolved, parent who is emotionally detached from the child and focuses on his or her own needs as opposed to the child’s.  Low on control/undemanding & rejecting, parent centered.  Child characteristics: disruptions of attachment and peer relationships, behavioral problems. Parents and socialization: Instrumental competence, child’s display of interdependence, self-control, achievement orientation and cooperation. Effective parenting,  Parental warmth. o The tendency of parents to express positive emotions and approval
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