Lecture on April 17th: Relationships

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Psychology & Brain Sciences
Lori Astheimer Best

Developmental Psychology. Lecture on April 17th Relationships Mothering vs. fathering: Parenting the newborn,  compared to moms... o dads are just as responsive to signals of their infants. o dads interact with their babies similarly. o dads have similar changes in heart rate, blood pressure and skin conductance when babies cry/smile. o in the hospital nursery, dads are just as likely to hold, touch and vocalize to their babies. Parenting the infant and beyond, Fathers,  provide physical and social stimulation in staccato in play.  engage in physical and unpredictable play. Mothers,  tend to be more rhythmic and soothing in play.  play more calm games. Consequence: infants prefer dads when they want to play and mothers when they desire care and comfort. Perspectives on father contributions to child development:  Identification, o idea that children assimilate characteristics, attitudes and behaviors from their parents as they form an intense emotional bond with them.  Emotional and financial support.  Recognizable contrition s to general family life. o "good parenting." Family changes in the last fifty years: Greater isolation from extended families.  young adults move away to find work. More single parent families.  divorce rates increased.  out-of-wedlock births less stigmatized. More blended families.  divorce followed by remarriage. More women with young kids working out of the home. Women are postponing childbirth until later ages. Families are smaller as couples are having fewer kids. Many fathers/husbands increasingly active in child-rearing and housework.  at the same time, many other fathers are abandoning their children and provide little or no support to them. Greater range of alternatives
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