Lecture on April 22nd: Peers

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Psychology & Brain Sciences
Lori Astheimer Best

Developmental Psychology, Lecture on April 22nd Peers Networks of friends:  girls tend to have smaller networks of friends.  in these networks of friends, girls like to talk about their feelings.  lots of openness and self-disclosure.  males have larger networks of friends.  networks are based on shared activities. Stability and benefit of friendship:  best friends less stable than generally thought.  many depend upon individual characteristics of the child.  friendship buffers from loneliness. Peer status: Sociometric nomination, peer assessment measure in which children are asked to name a specific number of pets who fit a certain criterion, such as, "peers you would like to walk home with." Sociometric rating scales, peer assessment measure in which children rate peers on a number of social dimensions (e.g. leadership, social poise, positive self- concept, winning disputes) Peer status classifications: Popular, many positive and few negative peer reviews.  behave in cooperatives helpful, trustworthy ways.  identified by peer as leaders.  sub-group characterized by aggressive, athletic or dominant (cool or tough), usually boys.  this category is fairly stable over time. Controversial, both positive and negative peer reviews.  very sociable and outgoing with kids they like but unpleasant and rejecting to those they do not.  example: aggressive boys seen as socially skilled or charming girls that exclude others.  this category is not very stable over time. Rejected, few positives and many negative peer reviews.  disruptive, inattentive and aggressive behaviors that lead others to avoid and dislike them.  or withdrawn and socially unskilled, targets for bullies.  this categor
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