Lecture on February 12th: Social Self

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University of Massachusetts Amherst
Psychology & Brain Sciences
John Bickford

Social Psychology, Lecture on February 12 , 2013 Social Self The self is not just a personality construct: William James (1890), a person has “as many social selves as there are individuals who recognize him and carry an image of him in their minds.” Charles Cooley (1902): views of self reflect the standpoints of significant others in our lives (“looking glass self”) George Herbert Mead (1934): we imagine the perspective of others and incorporate with others on an ongoing moment to moment basis  Self-presentation The self is social in at least two ways:  The way we develop our self-conceptions in part on our interactions with others (formation)  The situational context (which often involves other people) can affect how we see ourselves at any given point in tie (activation) Self-schema: (Markus) Well elaborated knowledge about the self that guides the processing of self- relevant information.  A lens through which you see yourself (independence, gender) Schematics faster than aschematics to endorse as self-discipline words in schematic domain (introversion). Schematics resist evidence contradicting their view of themselves in the schematics domain. Self is not monolithic;  Multifaceted and context – sensitive/core aspects remain stable across situations/peripheral aspects may depend on
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