Lecture on February 14th: The Self Two: Attitudes and Behaviors

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Psychology & Brain Sciences
John Bickford

Social Psychology, Lecture on February 14 , 2013 The Self Two: Attitudes and Behaviors Cultural context (Markus and Kitayama) INDEPENDENT (individualistic cultures):  Identity is personal, defined by individual traits and goals  What matters: me  Disapproves of conformity  Illustrative motto: "the squeaky wheel gets the grease" INTERDEPENDENT (collectivist) cultures:  Identity is social; defined by connections with others; fitting in is emphasized  What matters: we  Disapproves of egotism  Illustrative motto, "the nail that stands out gets pounded down" Self-esteem: Global positive or negative feelings about the self Self-serving cognitions: James shepperd (1993)  Asked college students about their performance on the SAT, checked against actual scores  Most students overestimated their actual score by about 17 points, and this was more pronounced among students with lower scored Self- handicapping: Protecting self-Image by setting up a situation that makes it difficult to succeed but created a handy excuse for failure Berglas and Jones (1978) Cover story: "drugs and intellectual performance" Independent var
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