PSYCH 100 Lecture 7: Psychology Lecture 7: Nature in Human Behavior

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Psychology Lecture 7
Nature vs Nurture Unit
Nature (Genes)
Some examples of things determined entirely by genetics:
Thumb bending - how far back it goes
Males tend to have more straight thumbs
hand clasping- which thumb goes on top
tongue calisthenics-if you can roll or flip the tongue
Evolutionary Psychologists
explain human behavior traits by examining the long term reproductive
dis/advantages of said traits and behaviors
Genetic Makeup
any two humans are 99.5%genetically similar
only 1/2% genetic variation
when you think of possibilities there's only a small set of ways you can vary from
have so much in common because similar environmental conditions
different environmental pressures like climate can cause changes
Sex from Evolutionary Standpoint
In a study:
when approached by hot stranger, 50% of men agreed to have sex with them and
0% of women said yes
men more quick to interpret attention (such as a smile) as sexual intent
women more likely to interpret as someone wanting to get to know you
have fewer opportunities to bear offspring
need to be picky in choosing a mate
usually pick based on wealth, status, and power because those will protect the
child that promotes her genes
can have thousands of kids if they want to in a lifetime
one partner is bad, there's other opportunities
want to have as many kids as possible
find really fertile women young and attractive because that is what will pass on
his genes
find more resources at
find more resources at
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