PSYCH 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Twin, Twin Study, 18 Months

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Psychology 100
Lecture 8 Nature vs Nurture
Behavior Genetics
Behavior geneticists
approach to understanding the extent to which behavior trait differences
can be attributed to genetic differences
Compare similarities between fraternal and identical twins
Identical Twins
100% same genes
much more similar than fraternal if both raised together
identical twins raised more similarly than fraternal twins
even identical twins raised apart were remarkably similar
Fraternal Twins
Genetic similarity of siblings
therefore not 100% gene similarity
studies done on identical twins proved that genes matter, and they were similar
regardless of what age they were separated at
in studies done on fraternal twins that grew up apart, they were less similar to
each other than identical twins
Possible problems with twin studies:
never mention the differences
could happen with anyone
biologically driven
Adoptive kids don't resemble biological kids in personality
biological kids don't often resemble each other in personality
environment and biology are a tie
kids IQ close to biological parents IQ but move in direction of adoptive parents
Environmentally determined
biology determines
based on studies with monkeys where anxious parents raised relaxed child,
turns out regardless of adoptive parents' temperament, child's temperament
usually matches biological parents'
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