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FEDERAL REGULATION OF IMMIGRATION 1. Timeline a. 1891-1903 Department of Treasure b. 1903-1940 Department of Commerce c. 1940-2001 Department of Justice d. 2001-Present Department of Homeland Security 2. Modern Immigration to the U.S. a. 1607 Jamestown, Virginia b. 1619 FirstAfrican slaves c. 1620 Pilgrims in Plymouth Rock 3. First U.S. Census 1790 a. England first largest immigrant group b. Africa second largest immigrant group c. Then Scotland-Ireland, Germany, and Netherlands 4. NaturalizationAct of 1790 a. “…any alien, being a free white person…that he is a person of good character… may be admitted to become a citizen [of the United States]” 5. FIRST WAVE OF IMMIGRATION 1820-1880 a. No imposed restrictions b. About 10 million immigrants i. Predominantly from Northern and Western Europe 6. First Federal Immigration Restrictions a. 1849-1880 250,000 Chinese Immigrants b. Economic competition combined with racial hostility c. PageAct 1875 7. Chinese ExclusionAct 1882 a. Banned all immigration from China i. Set precedent of banning entire nationalities b. Prevented Chinese already in the U.S. from becoming citizens i. Immigration laws can determine legal rights inside the U.S. 8. SECOND WAVE OF IMMIGRATION 1881-1930 a. 27 millions immigrants arrived in U.S. b. Predominantly Southern and Eastern Europe c. Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty i. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore…” d. Differences in nationality, religion, language, occupation, and culture led to prejudice and discrimination e. Part of broad anti-immigrant
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