Behavior of Domestic Animals

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Stockbridge Sch of Agriculture
George Howe

1. Pigs A. Sow 18-24 day estrous cycle I. During estrus, frequent urination, calling to male, sniff head and genitals of boar II. Olfactory stimuli instigates searching behavior but also need estrogen III. Less apt to detect estrous behavior in sows with less than one-square- meter of space around them pen OR living in pairs a. Easier to detect estrous if they’re housed across aisle from boar, rather than next to boar IV. Clinical a. Breed differences in length of estrous b. Confinement/social environment can inhibit estrous in young females B. Boar once in contact with estrous sow, boar peruse, attempting by nosing sides, flanks, and vulva I. Courtship song during courtship (soft, guttural grunts) II. Tactile stimulation with sow increases excitement III. Pheromones in male’s urine increases sow’s willingness to stand IV. Ejaculation takes 3-20 minutes, but the average is 4-5 minutes V. More libido in separate mating pen vs. home stall VI. Olfactory stimuli, some boars can distinguish between estrous sow and anestrous sow a. However, loss of smell does not affect sexual behavior VII. Raised in isolation causes less copulation with estrous sows VIII. Clinical a. Libido impaired by high plane of nutrition b. Young male with group of neutered males causes aggression 2. Dogs A. Bitch estrous cycle non-seasonal, length varies, 1-4 cycles a year I. Play behavior during proestrus, run sniff and lick male, play decreases during estrus, stands quietly II. Clinical a. May refuse male, female dominant over male, female preference B. Male mounting behavior at 5 weeks of age I. Estrous urine of the bitch is more attractive to the male than vaginal secretions II. Coital position—lock position
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