American Politics COMPLETE NOTES [Part 18] - I got a 4.0 in the course!

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University of Massachusetts - Boston
Political Science

April 7, 2014 Announcements ➔ ◆ 2nd paper assignment will be passed out on Wednesday’s class ➔ The Presidency ◆ Problem: how does president fulfill responsibilities, live up to expectations of the public given limited powers and resources ◆ Position as leader of executive branch ◆ Position as commander and chief of military - head of armed forces, head of intelligence agencies, head of department of defense ◆ Chief legislator in the United States ● Constitutional powers ● President shall “from time to time give to Congress a state of the union” ○ Which initiates debate over agenda for the United States for the year ◆ Leader of the party ● Campaigns for other members ● Asset to the party when he is popular, detriment to the party when he is unpopular Head of state ◆ ● Personification of the United States, of “the American” ● Most well known politician in the United States ● Queen of England is the head of state in the UK because she is the personification of an English citizen ◆ Leader of International Community ● Words of president of the US carry a lot of weight in international affairs ➔ Expectations of Presidency Political Expectations ◆ ● We want the president to do something about everything and for him to do it right ● Where do these expectations come from? ○ Growth in the federal government - not only size, but scope of national government ○ This has come from presidents and candidates themselves ○ Politicians in the past (and present, with Obama’s focus on health care) take instrumental role in designing, proposing, passing, and implementing culture-changing legislation ◆ Personal Expectations ● We want presidents to be like us, but not like us ● An intellectual, but a man of the people ● Caring and compassionate to those that he loves, but ruthless and businesslike when dealing with enemies of the state ● Committed to a set of principles but responsive and open to public opinion ◆ Lyndon Johnson and Presidential Power ● “The only real power I have is the nuclear power and I can’t use that against Congress.” ➔ Standard Powers ◆ Veto ● Turn Down Act of Congress ● Only 110 of all of the vetoes in American history of 2564 (4%) were overturned ◆ Pocket Veto ● Ignores legislation ● No action on legislation passed in final 10 days of session ◆ Commander and Chief ● War Powers Resolution (1973) ● Can o
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