American Politics COMPLETE NOTES [Part 8] - I got a 4.0 in the course!

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January 29, 2014: State of the Union ● Lots of problems - any solutions?? Constitution and Founding Fathers ● Much of the Tea Party movement is opposition to contemporary actions of the government ● Opposing viewpoints ○ Founding Fathers ○ Constitution ● What were Articles of Confederation? ● What were probs with Articles? ● Who were the Founding Fathers? ● How were key conflicts resolved? ● What are the key characteristics of the Const and how were they achieved? FOCUS (in discussion section): 4 c’s and Democratic Document Articles of Confederation ● Articles of Confederation - problems that those writing Articles of Confederation faced: ○ Little national unity ■ Identities and Interests ■ Each state thought of itself first as “Virginian” or “Massachusettsians”, not “American” ○ Fear of a strong central government ■ Experience with King George ■ Violate “social contract” ■ Colonists believed/wanted any new government needed to be limited in its ability to hamper individual liberty ○ Economic Divisions ■ Industrial vs. Agrarian ■ Slave and non-slave ■ Merchants and planters ○ Organization of Articles: ■ Key characteristics ● Limited power for national government ● Strong and independent states ■ Definition ● A system of government in which the state reserve sovereign authority except for powers delegated explicitly to the national government ● “A firm league of friendship” where “each state retains its sovereignty, freedom” ○ Powers of Articles of Confederation ■ No president, no courts, only a Congress ● War & raise army by request ● Congress could coin money, but so could states ● Not tax citizens, voluntary contributions ● No interstate regulation of commerce, Congress had no control over interstate commerce ● States fre
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