PSYCH 215 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Research Question, Quasi, Abnormal Psychology

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4 Feb 2017

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Research in Abnormal Psychology
Tuesday, January 31, 2017
1:58 PM
What is the Role of Research in abnormal psychology?
Better understand symptoms
Better understand the development of abnormal behavior
Treatments and effectiveness
What would things look like without research?
Treatments may not change
What is research?
Research: Systematic search for facts through the use of careful observations and investigations
Scientific method
Collect and evaluate information through careful observations, try to understand relationships between variables
Any characteristic that can vary
Across time, person, place
Age, biological sex, gender identity, racial, height
Independent variables vs. Dependent variables
Independent variables: something that can be manipulated
Dependent variables: variable effected by manipulation
Hypotheses: research questions that will be tested
Ex: Does a certain type of therapy work for depression
Hypothesis: This therapy does work for depression
IV: Treatment
DV: levels of depression
How do we observe/measure them?
Is there a relationship between therapy X and depression?
How do we conduct research?
Type of research depends on question
Examples of research questions related to abnormal psychology?
Family history of symptoms
Socio economic status
Main types of Research
Case Study
Correlational Method
Experimental Method
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find more resources at
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