AEM 2021 Lecture 25: Equilibrium of Rigid Bodies- Preliminaries 1-25-17

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Aerospace Engineering and Mech
AEM 2021
Hesla Todd

Equilibrium of Rigid Bodies- Preliminaries 1-25-17 Movement of a force Recall- forparticle, condition of equilibriumR=sum of Forces=0. Expresses that Systems of forces have zero net tendency to "translate" particles Rigid Body Can rotate (as well as translate) For equilibrium- must prevent both translation and rotation So, must study tendency of system of forces to cause rotation, leads to momentof a force 2D Scenario Where d=offset distance (of LOA from O) Goal- find tendency of F to cause body to rotate about O. Experience teaches tendency to cause rotation proportional to both ● Magnitude of F ● Offset distance d (LOA from O) So,Tendency to cause rotation of F about d. Define moment of F about O Refine by distinguishing CW from CCW rotation to find direction, use inspection of the diagram Imagine a string pulling on A. This will cause CCW rotation. Units SI units are Newton meters Nm. Peasant units are foot pounds lb ft (or lb in) Conclusion: Principle of Transmissibility From definition of moment, clear that slidigalong LOA won't change moment → won't change tendency to rotate Si
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