AEM 2021 Lecture 28: Potential Energy and Conservation of Total Energy 3-28-17

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Aerospace Engineering and Mech
AEM 2021
Hesla Todd

Potential Energy and Conservation of Total Energy 3-28-17 Also abbreviated as CTE Conservative force is work expressed in the form Where V is the potential Energy, V1 is the starting position, and V2 is the ending position Example Weight Spring Newtonian Gravity Conservative force → PWE becomes This says the sum of kinetic and potential energy is the same at the starting and ending points. The sum is called the total (mechanical) energy. Terminology E is "conserved" Several forces (all conserved) → Note that conservative forces are independent of path between start and end. Note that not every force is conservative. For example, friction is not conservative Top view Since friction depends on path, it is not conservative Note ● We can always add a constant to V For weights can choose reference level (origin) ("datum") ● May need to supplement NSL to find force(s) ● Any Force that does zero w
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