AEM 2021 Lecture 30: Moment of Force F 1-30-17

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Aerospace Engineering and Mech
AEM 2021
Hesla Todd

Moment of Force F 1-30-17 Measures tendency of F to cause rotation ("about O") Rotation 2D: always about an axis in z direction (i.e. Perpendicular to xy plane)- Mo 3D: many possible axes: Other axis: "OL": moment=Mol=projection of Mo onto OL Freedoms ● SlideF along its LOA ● Choose any reference point on axis OL But ● Drop any component of F along axis Example Ring frictionless → same tension in both parts GB,BH at 450N. Find moment about axis AD of tension on frame (at B) choose reference point (on axis) Components of λ,T: 2 point method (A&D,B&H) Where the - means clockwise as observed at the vantage point at the positive end of the axis Recall ForceF: Tendency to cause (rigid body) to translate Momentr x F: tendency to cause (rigid body) to (rotate about O) If other ForceF', equivalentF tifF=F',Mo=Mo' Same for Systems F1, F2,... F1',F2,... Thes
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