AEM 2021 Lecture 20: Structure Continued 2-20-17

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Aerospace Engineering and Mech
AEM 2021
Hesla Todd

Structure Continued 2-20-17 Remark - Couple applied to structure Single Member - couple can be drawn anywhere on body Note that a couple has the same effect anywhere on the body Structure- couple cannot be drawn on a different member A couplecannotbe moved to a different rigid body. Are reactions at A,B the same as the connecting force at C? To find, dismember, do statics on each different pair of moment equations on left, right. Example Find all forces on AI when a CW couple 180 lb ft acts (1) at D, (2) at E. FBD, reactions at H,I. Only need I Dismember frame → statics on AI. Note that member AB,CB,FG all 2 force members → connection forces are in those directions. FBD (AI) Equations equilibrium For part 2, Machine Fram
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