Darwin's Theories

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ANTH 1001
Kieran Mc Nulty

Darwin's Five Theories Every species has come into existence, coincident in both space and time, with a pre-existing, closely allied species -- Alfred Russell Wallace This is not a theory of evolution, but a thesis, composed of multiple theories 1) Species change (evolution as such) • Moths (black and white, black (soot covered) and white bark on trees) • Macaca fuscata (Japanese snow macacs) ◦ taken to Texas and Oregon ◦ those in Texas got significantly smaller, and those in Oregon became significantly larger ◦ Texas population develops longer limbs and Oregon population develops larger trunks ◦ Differences in development patterns ◦ changes already present in 2nd generation 2) All organisms share a common ancestry • common ancestor -- 4 billion years ago • Morphological evidence: evidence from the shapes of organisms and their structures ◦ forelimbs in tetrapods all share same basic structure (humerus, ulna, radius) ◦ growth and development of animals • Genetic evidence ◦ helps determine what the ancestry looked like ◦ gene similarities and the functions of those genes ◦ 123 genes shared by all euka
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